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AtreKaka, as he is fondly called, is a highly respected name in the Indian community related to Japan/Japanese. Not only is AtreKaka a columnist with extra-ordinary bilingual skills that includes Japanese of any dialect but also a very helpful fatherly figure. Through JMCS, Atrekaka has been very instrumental in shaping the careers of many including mine. He is very straight forward in voicing his opinion, so be assured to get the right opinion, anytime, not only on the professional front but on the personal front too. Binding with JMCS is a binding for life-time and I wish AtreKaka and JMCS all the very best for all the future endeavours.

Sincere Regards,
Narvilkar Purva Sudhir


Freelance Translators
JMCS needs experienced freelance translators, N2 level passed with 2 years of translation experience,  to work on E2J and J2E translation projects. You can work from your home / computers ! Rush in your resume with full contact details !


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